About Littlehand

Littlehand grew from the imagination and enthusiasm of Steve Timms. Steve combined his interest in chess and military history to design chess sets that accurately depict battles in history.

He wanted the sets to be of the highest quality and elected to have the sets cast in bronze. He felt that this unique material would give the pieces the standard that he sought.

Model maker Tim Simmons who is an accomplished artist with an established reputation modelled the pieces. Tim worked alongside Steve to translate his designs and ideas into the figures used in the final casting.

Lunts Castings Limited is the foundry of choice for the production of the chess pieces. Lunts is a specialist fine art foundry of distinction. They have over 100 years of expertise in their field. Using the lost wax method of casting they are able to produce figures of the utmost accuracy and detail.


Littlehand is a family run business and Steve’s wife Janet has been on hand throughout the creation of the company to help with research and design ideas. Steve Lee, Steve’s stepson is a talented web designer and has been responsible for the web site that you are viewing now.


As you can see Littlehand chess sets are a labour of love, which continues to consume the whole family. It is a testament to Littlehand’s passion that every chess set made is a unique work of art.