Anglo-Zulu War Chess Set

Littlehand is proud to present this hand crafted, limited edition, bronze chess set, which depicts two battles of the Anglo Zulu War that took place on the same day, Wednesday 22th January 1879. They were the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift.

The set was conceived and designed by Steve Timms, who’s personal enthusiasm for chess, military history, and in particular the Anglo Zulu War, inspired him to create this magnificent chess set.

The set was modelled with expert care by the exceptionally gifted, fine art, model maker, Tim Simmons, who described the process of modelling each piece, ”as a labour of love”, as he also has an interest in that unique period in history.

The bronze casting of each piece was undertaken using great skill, by an English company who produce only the finest pieces using the lost wax process. Each chess piece is hand finished and individually numbered.

This finely crafted objet d’art is produced as a limited edition of just 250 bronze patinated sets.

This is a rare opportunity for the discerning collector
to invest in this valuable and unique chess set.