British Knight

Lieutenant Melvill

The British knight is represented by Lieutenant Melvill who was the adjutant of the 1st/24 foot. His figure is seen in uniform, mounted on horse back and carrying the encased flag of the Queens colour.

When the battle at Isandlwana was perceived to be lost, he was ordered to take the Queens colour of the 1st/24 foot to a place of safety. Lieutenant Melvill, accompanied by Lieutenant Coghill made their way to the Buffalo River and crossed it at a place called Sothondose’s Drift. Since that day it has been known as Fugitives’ Drift. The river was in a full flood that day and it proved difficult to cross. The two men by this time were exhausted, but, despite this, with Lieutenant Melvill clutching the colours, they plunged into the river. The strong currents wrenched the colours from the weakened Lieutenant’s grasp and were lost to the river. Totally spent, Melvill and Coghill made it to the opposite bank of the river only to meet their end at the hands of Zulu warriors who were waiting there.

Weight in Bronze 225.145g (9oz)

Height 6.6 cm (2 5/8 inches)