British Pawn

Soldiers of the 1st, 2nd and 24th foot

The British Pawn depicts three soldiers of the 1st 2nd/24th foot fighting at the height of battle. Each figure is engaged in the defence of himself and his fellow men, and show the intensity of the critical situation that they are in. One soldier in the skirmish of the battle, has lost his helmet and webbing. They are repeatedly loading, firing and reloading their Martini Henry rifles in a battle against their well trained and capable Zulu opponents.

In 1873 the 24th foot moved their barracks from Warwickshire, in the North of England, to Brecon in the heart of South Wales, where they are still based to this day. Once the barracks were established they began to recruit men extensively from Wales and the outlying English counties. Each battalion had eight lettered companies of one hundred men, A company, B company etc. These companies would be controlled by a Captain, a Lieutenant and a Second Lieutenant. The eight companies, NCO and officers would make up a Battalion and two Battalions made the Regiment. Each Battalion had its own band, who would act as stretcher bearers during times of action.

It was unusual for two battalions of a regiment to be on active service together. The 1st and 2nd/24th foot ( 2nd Warwickshire) achieved such a distinction during the Anglo Zulu Wars.

Weight in Bronze 63.78g (2¼oz)

Height 4.5 cm (1 ¾ Inches)