Zulu Pawn

Zulu Warriors

The Zulu pawn is represented by the figures of three Zulu warriors, at full battle charge, advancing upon their enemy. They each hold a shield, and two of the figures hold short stabbing spears (assegai), while the third holds a club (knobkerrie.). These warriors are from a senior regiment (ibutho), consisting of married men, such as the Uthulwana Ibutho and Udloko Ibutho. Married Zulu warriors are easily identified by their hair, which is worn fashioned, using clay, into a circlet called an isicoco.

These senior regiments were reserve troops under the command of Prince Dabulamanzi kaMpande and unlike the rest of the Zulu army they had seen little, or no action, at the battle at Isandlwana.

Prince Dabulamanzi, riding on a white horse, took his 4,000 warriors down to Rorke’s Drift. Then he commanded them to attack the post where Lieutenants Chard and Bromhead, with just more than 100 men, mainly from B company 2nd/24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot, courageously withstood the Zulu onslaught time and time again.

Weight in Bronze 70.3873g (2½oz)

Height 4.5 cm (1¾ inches)