Confederate King

Jefferson Davis

The only President of the Confederate States of America was Born 3rd June 1808 in Christian County Kentucky. He was the last of ten children born to Sam and Jan Davis. Jefferson Davis started his education at the Catholic school of Saint Thomas Aquinas, and at 13 went to Transylvania University at Lexington. In 1824 he attended the US Military Academy West Point, and successfully graduated as a Second Lieutenant in 1828. Saw action on the Frontier and participated in the Black Hawk War. Resigning from the US Army in 1835 he returned to his home at Brier field Plantation in Mississippi to continue his studies in Philosophy, History, and the US Constitution. Entered politics in 1845 and won a seat in the House of Representatives.

He also served in the Mexican War as Colonel of the 1st Mississippi Rifles; And At the Battle of Buena Vista in 1847 he received much praise for his bravery and conduct.

After the Mexican war, Davis returned to Politics and by 1853 he was serving as Secretary of war.

When Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the U.S.A. Seven southern states seceded from the Union. Jefferson Davis resigned from the US senate in January 1861 and was elected President of the Confederate States of America on November 6th 1861. Jefferson Davis was a dedicated and devoted President, a brave and loyal servant to the south. After the war he was imprisoned at Fort Munroe, was released after two years never having stood trial.
Jefferson Davis died December 6th 1889 and is buried in Hollywood cemetery Richmond Virginia

Weight in Bronze 170.079 grams (6 oz)

Height 8.7 cm (3d inches)