Confederate Knight

Major General Jeb Stuart

James Ewell Brown Stuart, better known as ‘JEB’ Stuart was born in Patrick Country Virginia, on February 6th 1833. Graduated from West Point 13th from a class of 46 in 1854. He first saw action out west on the frontier, and soon acquired a reputation as a brave and talented Cavalry Officer.
When the war clouds gathered in the East, Stuart resigned from the US army and travelled to Richmond seeking and obtaining a commission in the Confederate States Cavalry in May 1861. Stuart, being the cavalryman that he was quickly rose through the ranks and was Major General by the time of Gettysburg.

Here we see ‘JEB’ Stuart arriving at Gettysburg late in the afternoon of July 2nd, hat waving in triumph after his epic ride around the Union Army capturing many supply wagons. Stuart was unaware of the frosty reception he was about to receive from General Lee.

General Lee and some of his officers were of the opinion that Jeb Stuart had let them down with his ‘ride’ around the Union Army and that he had denied Lee’s Army it’s ‘ eyes and ears’ at the most critical of times.

Historians still argue the ‘pros and cons’ of Stuarts involvement in the defeat at Gettysburg.

‘JEB’ Stuart died 12th May 1864 unable to recover from wounds he received at the battle of Yellow Tavern; He is buried at Hollywood Cemetery Richmond Virginia.

Weight in Bronze 225.145g (9oz)

Height 6.6 cm (2 5/8 inches)