Confederate Pawn

Soldiers of the South

General Lee’s old warhorse General James Longstreet had disagreed with General Lee on his mass infantry assault saying, “ It is my opinion that no 15,000 men ever arranged for battle can take that position”. Robert E Lee thought otherwise.

So on they went, 15,000 soldiers of the South marching proudly behind the battle flags of North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Virginia, on they went ¾ of a mile over open countryside, proudly marching under a sea of bayonets and banners. ‘’Forward, Forward’’ was the cry, on they went Steadfast and determined, an Irresistible force was about to meet an Immovable object. ‘’ Boom’.’ The Union cannon roared its defiance, solid shot and canister shell, were raining down Tearing great holes in the confederate ranks.
Yet still they came.

‘’Forward, Forward’’ was still the cry. The closer they got the more intense the Union fire became they were now in range of the Union infantry.

Volley after volley was fired in to the massed ranks of the Confederates, causing terrible loses. By this time the attack was loosing it’s momentum and cohesion and started to break up. Dazed and exhausted soldiers made their weary way back to their own lines.

Brigadier General Armistead’s brigade, from Pickett’s division, did manage to get to the stone wall near the ‘Cops of Trees’ and after bitter hand to hand fighting, over ran a few gun batteries, but a massive counter attack by Union troops put a stop to any more advances that day by the men in grey.

Weight in Bronze 63.78g (2¼oz)

Height 4.5 cm (1 ¾ Inches)