Confederate Queen

Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia

General Robert E. Lee

Robert Edward Lee was born on January 19th 1807 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He graduated from West Point second in the class of 1829. He went on to see action in the Mexican wars, as a 2nd Lieutenant with the engineer’s corps.

Robert E Lee resigned his commission with the US army in 1861, after turning down Presidents Lincolns offer to be commander of the Union field Army. His loyalty was always to Virginia. He became special adviser to confederate President Jefferson Davis on June 1st 1862.

General Lee took command of the Army of Northern Virginia after General J. E. Johnston was wounded at the battle of Seven Pines. Robert E Lee soon became the darling of the South. He ejected Major General G. McClellan from the very gates of Richmond. (Seven days campaign). He went on to defeat Major General Ambrose Burnside at Fredericksburg and then Major General Joseph Hooker at Chancellors Ville. At Gettysburg it is said that General Lee was unwell, “Not his usual self” and after three bloody days of fighting General Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia left the field beaten but not bowed.

General Robert E Lee died on October 12th 1870 of heart disease and is buried at Lexington, Virginia.

To this day Robert E Lee is still a hero and darling of the South.

Weight in Bronze 269.320g (9½oz)

Height 8.3 cm (3¼ Inches)