Union Pawn

Soldiers of the North

Here we see soldiers of the North getting ready to defend the centre of the Union line. Brigadier General Alexandra Webb’s ‘Philadelphia Brigade’ was positioned by the ‘’Angle’’ behind the stone wall near, the ‘Cops of Trees’ which was the focal point for the massed infantry attack on the 3rd day of battle, commonly known as (Pickett’s Charge). At 1pm in the afternoon the Confederates opened up an intense artillery barrage from over 150 guns lasting well over an hour and a half. When the smoke cleared the infantry appeared.

One can only imagine the thoughts of the Northern soldiers as they looked out over the Emmetsburg Road, to see over 12,000 battle hardened, well disciplined and determined troops, advancing across the open country side behind their fluttering red battle flags and banners. ‘The Flower of Lee’s Army,’ Marching to the sound of the drums, an ocean of humanity with only one thing on it’s mind —- you.

It must have been a stomach churning yet awe-inspiring sight.

Weight in Bronze 70.3873g (2½oz)

Height 4.5 cm (1¾ inches)