Union Queen

Commander of the Army of the Potomac

Major General George Mead

Born in Cadiz, Spain on December 31st 1815. George Mead graduated 19th of 56 from the class of 1835. He saw service in the Seminole War in Florida after which he resigned his commission and entered civil engineering.

In 18 42 he rejoined the army, and as a 2nd Lieutenant with the engineers, and saw action in the Mexican War.

During the first years of the civil war, George Mead again saw action at Beaver Dam Greek, Gain’s Mill and Glendale, where he was wounded. After making a fair recovery, he lead a division at the battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg) and Fredericksburg. He was also in Command of V Corps at Chancellors Ville.

Three days before the colossal clash at Gettysburg Mead, 48 years old was given the command of the army of the Potomac, replacing, Major General Joseph Hooker who had incurred the wroth of President Lincoln.

As history recalls Mead went on to defeat General Lee’s army of Northern Virginia over three of the bloodiest days of the war.

Mead received the thanks of congress after the battle but was highly criticised by many for not pursuing Lee’s defeated army aggressively enough. Even so he remained in command of the army of the Potomac until the end of the war.

George Mead died in Philadelphia on November 6 1872 from Pneumonia and is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery Philadelphia.

Weight in Bronze 219.708g (7¾oz)

Height 8.3 cm (3¼ inches)