Union Rook

Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse

The gatehouse at cemetery hill played a major part in the Battle of Gettysburg. It is situated at the Southern end of town on the lower slopes of Cemetery Hill, so named after Evergreen Cemetery, which was established in 1853. The hill reaches a peak of 100 feet and dominates the surrounding area.

July 1st, the first day of action saw the Union troops being driven from the field. The routed Union troops fell back to the hill, which became the rallying point of Meads Army.

July 2nd saw much action around the Gate House the confederates were anxious to take the ‘Hill’ because of its dominant position over the battlefield.

July 3rd the last day of the battle saw Cemetery Hill once again in action, the Union forces had placed gun batteries on the Western side of the hill and they played their part in breaking the Confederate infantry assault, popularly known as Pickett’s Charge. Finally on November 19th 1863 President Abraham Lincoln was to read his now famous Gettysburg Address not far from the cemetery Gate House.

Weight in Bronze 141.74g (5oz)

Height 4.8 cm (1 7/8 inches)